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Webinars, eBooks, forms, and more to give you a jump start on the competition and expand the opportunities to you in your career.


Training courses and materials that provide you with step-by-step instruction on how to achieve your goals in the litigation support field.


Demonstrate your abilities and prove your worth to potential clients, all while gaining the backing of an organization dedicated to your success.

Find a Certified Legal Videographer in Your Area.

Search our directory for local resources.

We are advancing the legal video profession.

3 Pronged Approach:

Promoting the value of the legal video profession through marketing and education to lawyers and litigation support personnel.
Training videographers with curriculum developed and presented by highly regarded, practicing professionals.
Developing new technologies, tools, and service offerings to the benefit of videographers by capitalizing on trends in technology.


The AGCV is Founded by Dr. Gayle Marquette

The American Guild of Court Videographers served as one of the only legal-video specific trade organizations dedicated to the training of legal videographers and promotion of the field.


New Leadership

Dr. Marquette retired and new leadership came on board to advance the AGCV and the legal video industry in the midst of sweeping changes in recording technology.


20th Anniversary

The last 20 years have been exciting with all of the changes in technology and the acceptance of the craft. We cannot even begin to imagine what the next 20 years will bring!

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