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AGCV Certification & Membership Policies

The following are the Policies that govern AGCV Certifications and Memberships.

Certification Programs

The American Guild of Court Videographers currently offers three Certification Programs. They are as follows:
  • Certified Deposition Video Specialist (CDVS)
  • Certified Evidentiary Video Specialist (CEVS)
  • Certified Trial Technology Specialist (CTTS)
For more information about each certification, please visit our Certifications page.

Certification Process

Individuals who wish to earn their Certification through the AGCV as a Deposition Videographer, Evidentiary Videographer or Trial Technology Specialist may do so in one of two ways:

1 - Enroll in an AGCV Certification Course and pass the corresponding Certification Test.

To enroll, please visit the AGCV Training Portal.

2 - Present their proof of training and certification from a comparable course of study and pass the corresponding Certification Test.

Comparable courses of study include the following:

  • NCRA’s Certified Legal Video Specialist - corresponding to the AGCV's CDVS Program
  • NCRA’s Trial Technology Certificate Program - corresponding to the AGCV's CTTS Program
To apply to be considered, please send an email to

Certification Testing

Certification Testing shall be provided to Certification Course students at their discretion, but shall in no event be provided more than 1-year after they initially began the corresponding Certification Course.

If the applicant’s Certification Test is graded and they passed, they will be awarded a Digital Certificate from the AGCV.

If the applicant failed their Certification Test, they may be eligible to retake the Test at their discretion, but no greater than 60 days after their initial testing date.

Digital Certificates

Digital Certificates are presented to applicants who complete Certification Courses and certain other training programs.

Applicants who receive a digital certificate from the AGCV may update the name listed on their Certificate at their discretion. Additionally, certificate holders may Add Evidence or Request References for their Certifications as they see fit.

Certificate IDs and Issue On dates are not able to be updated. However, certificate holders may choose to recertify as specified in our Recertification Policy in order to update their credentials to reflect their current proficiency in the field.



  • Individual: Individual members are people who join AGCV as individuals rather than as part of an organization. If your organization is an AGCV member, you do not need to join as an individual member as well. If you join as an individual, that does not also make your organization a member.
  • Organizational: Organization members are firms who join AGCV and wish to enroll their employees under the organization's account. Organizations may have an unlimited number of individuals under their account that will have access to the AGCV's Members Only content and benefits.

Transfer of Membership

Memberships are non-transferrable.

Membership Status Types

Memberships may have 1 of 5 different Status Types. They are as follows:

  • Active: Membership is ongoing and in good standing.
  • Lapsed: Membership is stopped and not in good standing.
  • Pending - Renewal: Membership is Active and in the process of being renewed meaning that there is an outstanding invoice that needs to be paid before being returned to Active status.
  • Pending - New: Membership is newly created and there is an outstanding invoice that needs to be paid before being converted to Active status.
  • Pending - Level change: Membership is in the process of being changed to another Membership Level and there is an outstanding invoice or administrative step that needs to be paid or undertaken to return it to Active status in the appropriate level.

Membership Renewal

AGCV Members must pay their dues for their Membership each calendar year before their Renewal Due On date as listed in their Member Profile.

Members will be able to renew their Membership up to 30 days prior to their Renewal Due On date.

If a Member does not renew their Membership and/or pay their dues within 60 days of their Renewal Due On date, their Membership will be put into a Lapsed status and the Member will no longer be in good standing with the AGCV.

The following emails are sent to inform and assist members in ensuring that their Membership remains in good standing.

  • 30 Days before their Renewal Due On date.
  • 7 Days before their Renewal Due On date.
  • The day of their Renewal Due On date.
  • 7 Days after their Renewal Due On date, only if not paid.
  • 60 Days after their Renewal Due On date to notify the Member that their status has changed to Lapsed.

Lapsed Membership

If an AGCV Member’s dues are not paid within 60 days of their Renewal Due On date and their Membership status has changed to Lapsed, those Members will be considered to not be in good standing.

In order to return their Membership to good standing with the AGCV, Lapsed Members must pay their dues in full.

Membership Cards

You can access Membership ID Cards in your Member Profile.

Recertification Policy

In order to complete the Recertification process, applicants must take and pass the then current version of the test for the appropriate Certification program.

Members in good standing may voluntarily choose to Recertify at any time in order to update their credentials and validate their proficiency in the field.

Authorized Use of AGCV Material

Only Members in good standing are granted the right to use AGCV forms, documents, logos, and the American Guild of Court Videographers company name. Members are free to use and publish AGCV logos, certifications, links, etc. on their websites and marketing materials.

Only Members who hold Certifications earned through the AGCV may use Certification Emblems, badges and Certificates.

Any unauthorized use or display of AGCV materials may be subject to litigation as set out by law.

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